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Blowerworks offers a number of software services that range from custom e-proms to bench top flashing of your PCM.

We have also developed files to several fueling problems on the GM 1985 to 1991 “Y” body and the 1986 thru 1992 “F” Body. Many people and “tuners” are unaware that these GM programs contain an injector Pulse Width Cap that caps the fuel flow to little more than the injector size- typically about the size of a 24 lb/hr injector. In other words you put a set of 42’s in your General Motors L-98 and a Turbo or Supercharger and you wonder why you cannot get enough fuel in even though using Tuner Cat or TunerPro you max out all of the appropriate tables. It is because the GM program contains an injector PW Cap that limits the fuel flow as you increase the injector size. Yes you can “lie” to the computer about the injector size but then you have all sorts of part load driving problems.

BlowerWorks has spent a lot of time with their research and fixed the problem in the base program. With our GM L98 E-Proms all the injector Pulse Width Caps have been removed

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