Carroll Gaseous Intercooling™ Systems are unique, highly refined water/alcohol injection systems. Water injection may be used in conjunction with any induction system (normally aspirated or blown) to obtain superior engine performance and safety. The primary function of any water injection system is to cool the compressed intake charge and slow down the "burn" rate of fuel, thereby allowing more spark advance while suppressing detonation: hence the term Gaseous Intercooling™. Carroll Gaseous Intercooling™ Systems may be used in conjunction with BlowerWorks as well as other manufacturers' super and turbocharger systems. A Carroll Gaseous Intercooling™ System is often used in conjunction with and/or to replace bulky air-to-air intercoolers. Gaseous Intercooling™ through evaporative cooling and phase state changes causes the compressed air temperature to be reduced by, on average, 100°F.


System includes high-pressure Gaseous Intercooling™ pump, adjustable manifold pressure switch, heavy duty power relay, complete wiring harness with Weatherpack connectors, complete documentation and wiring diagrams. To this system you must add a water reservoir. You can tap into the water from the windshield washer tank for your initial system. The pump draws 7 to 8 amperes at full load. This is a single speed system that can deliver up to 20 gph at 100 psig. System includes assorted hoses, a 15 GPH nozzle and choice of nozzle holder (weld or grommet).

P/N: 30031S   Price: $395


System includes high-pressure Gaseous Intercooling™ pump, complete wiring harnesses and a smart “Black Box” Controller. The smart “Black Box” control module is housed in a plastic black box that measures 5-1/4" long x 2-5/8" wide x 1-5/8" deep. The module contains 2 adjustable set points that drive the Gaseous Intercooling™ pump from low speed to high speed. The set points are typically 3 and 7 psig for tuned port engines but any 2 set points can be had. The module features an engine interlock to prevent Gaseous Intercooling™ unless the engine is running. The module also features automatic power up with engine

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