Nobody but nobody has been blowing Vettes longer than Greg Carroll. In 1987 when the strongest new Vette was an L98 making 220 HP Carroll was pumping out 350 HP with a supercharging kit utilizing the Paxton ball drive blower.

By 1990 Carroll was making over 400 HP utilizing the then new Vortech ‘A’ Trim Supercharger. By 2001 Greg was pumping out 517 HP at the rear wheel of the LS6 with a stock engine on pump gas!

Soon you’ll see an LS2 C6 Corvette with the 6.0-liter engine making 600 HP at the rear wheel!

If you want and can afford the finest and most reliable Corvette supercharging systems in the world then you should be speaking with Greg Carroll and having your Vette blown by the Best™.  

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